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GrooveFlow™ - 360° Swivel Pixel Rave LED Fiber Optic Dance Whips

GrooveFlow™ - 360° Swivel Pixel Rave LED Fiber Optic Dance Whips

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Light Up Your Dance Moves

Ignite the dance floor with the GrooveFlow. These captivating dance whips are adorned with brilliant LED fiber optics that produce mesmerizing light patterns as you dance and twirl.

Featuring a versatile 360° swivel design, the GrooveFlow dance whips bring a mesmerizing visual spectacle to your dance routines and electrifying rave events. Unleash your inner performer and mesmerize the crowd with the GrooveFlow!

Dance with Brilliance

Vibrant LED - GrooveFlow dance whips are equipped with vibrant LED fiber optics that create a stunning display of light, adding a mesmerizing visual effect to your dance performances.

360° Swivel Design - With a 360° swivel capability, the GrooveFlow dance whips offer freedom of movement and versatility, allowing you to create dazzling light trails with every dance move.

Lightweight & Durable - Made from lightweight materials, the GrooveFlow dance whips are easy to handle and dance with. The durable construction ensures they can withstand energetic dance routines and last through numerous rave events.

Battery Powered - The GrooveFlow dance whips are battery-powered, providing hours of continuous light play. Dance with confidence, knowing your LED fiber optic dance whips will illuminate the dance floor all night long.




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