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GlowBurst™ - LED Diamond Romantic Light

GlowBurst™ - LED Diamond Romantic Light

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Surround Yourself With A Majestic Glow!

Looking for a unique and radiant lamp to brighten up your home? GlowBurst oozes glam and charm with its illumination of a glittery diamond reflection each time you switch it on.

GlowBurst is an elegant lamp that gives you a variety of vivid colors to choose from to fit your mood. This amazing lamp offers you a zen and pleasing vibe all day and night.

Key Benefits

Aesthetic - Designed with a beautiful translucent glass, GlowBurst is made to be pleasing to anyone’s eye. This lamp has a minimalist style that can perfectly fit in any room.

Calming Light - Not only does its design give that relaxing aura, its adjustable brightness can match any type of situation as well. With its brightness adjustment feature, you can fine-tune the light according to any ambience you want.

Durable Build - Its heavy and solid design gives you that authentic and premium feel. GlowBurst is loaded with both beauty and durability, making it perfect for long term use.

Place Anywhere - Not only is GlowBurst bright and radiant, with its small build the lamp can be placed anywhere. No matter how big or small your space is, the whole room will receive the glory of the GlowBurst's elegant glare.

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